How it Works

Haven’t visited Lighthouse Picnics before?
Let us walk you through the experience!

1. Reservations

Reservations are recommended for all our guests. Our kitchen is small and all our meals, including breads, salads, lemonades, and desserts, are made fresh every day at the lighthouse, which means we have a limit to how many guests we can serve daily. Please fill out our Picnic Request Form to make a reservation and we’ll take care of the rest to make sure you have the best picnic experience.

2. Getting Here

If you’re coming from the metro St. John’s area, it should take you about one hour to get here by car. See our Getting Here section for driving directions if you are not sure how to get here!

Once you have parked, hiked over to the hill and head towards the lighthouse. It takes most people between 20 – 40 minutes to walk the gravel trail and there are some inclines so we always recommend you wear comfortable shoes or sneakers for the rugged terrain. We always remind people to take layers, as you never know if temperature or weather will change – we are on the edge of the North Atlantic ocean.

3. Ordering Food

The first thing you will want to do when arriving at the lighthouse is take a moment to take in the awesome view from Ferryland Head. After that Wow moment, you will proceed inside the lighthouse and place your food order. Our staff will gladly walk you through our menu and set you up with a picnic blanket and flag. Head outside and choose your picnic location. There are no bad views so wherever you choose to sit, relax and eat, you’re in for a special view.

4. Enjoy

Our staff will find you based on your flag, so make sure it is visible. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. Your choice – either a quick lunch or spend the full afternoon soaking up the sights. Once you do decide it’s time to leave us, we ask that you return your picnic basket and blanket to the lighthouse.

Public washrooms are located in the front section of the lighthouse and on the second floor of the main house.

The walk back to the car will feel half as long as when you walked out – we’re not sure why, it just always does.

Remember to tag @lighthousepicnics when posting your photos,
we would love to share in the good times.