Ferryland is approximately a one-hour drive from St. John’s, about 80 kilometres south on Route 10. As you drive through Ferryland, watch for the road that veers off by the Colony of Avalon Interpretation Centre. Turn left here and follow the road towards the water to the area known as ‘The Pool’.  You will pass the Southern Shore Folk Arts Centre on your left, continue straight until you see a paved road to your right, this is the start of the Lighthouse Road, STOP HERE!

Our Lighthouse Picnics delivery van will meet you directly across the road from this point, in a gravel parking area overlooking the boats in the ‘Pool’.  After picking up your food you can make your way to the Lighthouse, to the beach, or any of the other beautiful locations around Ferryland.

For anyone who would like to drive to the Lighthouse, Russell of By-Side Rides will be operating throughout the summer and can be reached at  (709) 682-6710 to arrange transportation to and from the Lighthouse.